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My Journey Forwards.

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

My first passion is Street Photography.

I love to roam the streets and fire off 300+ shots in a day, it is such a rewarding process to capture timeless moments in the blink of an eye. Based in Asia the last 3 years has been an amazing blessing, you see life with a fresh set of eyes, being a stranger in a strange land. Everything seems alive and exciting and new. My favorite part is to capture life in motion without people being altered by my presence, capturing the natural order of things.

Take for example this picture. A girl is riding maybe to school or work. She gazes off into her mind, unaware of my presence. We wonder what she is feeling, is she sad or melancholy or just bored and deep in thought? The driver ponders my presence as he looks over at me.

In the modern cities, transportation such as this is unseen, it reminds us time stands still for nobody, this scene too shall one day change. I believe we have a responsibility to capture all we can before it is lost forever.

On my Facebook page I chronicle my journey forwards with soon to come videos and pictures with tips and stories.

Please join me for the ride and become a fan!


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