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Ancient Ephesus overload!

I have been in Ephesus /Selcuk area trying to learn all I can about the history and people that made it so. It has been amazing, humbling and eye opening to discover the names that have been through this area. Names like; Apostle Jonn, Paul, Timmothy, Phillip, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, and on and on. How do you summarize a simple blog with giants and Ancient sites? There seems to be too much to quote, paraphrase and dive into. Just the understanding of the enormity of it all is quite perplexing.

I never imagined I would even be here in this place, but my 3 year Philippines Visa expired and I needed to live out my time somewhere till the Philippines re opened due to Covids closing of so many Countries. So I tried to make some videos to highlight my experience as I was experiencing those moments. I hope someone can find value in that and also desire to visit some of these places.

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