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Building Youtube Content

The Journey of paths is a winding one. It would have been simple and easy, just preferring one simple direction to travel, but instead I need to be like an Octopus with arms everywhere to establish an online presence to grow my business.

Step One - was too learn to Photograph and build over 2 years of Content.

Step Two- Build My Website/ Click-N-picit FB page/ Clicknpicit Instagram.

Step Three- Build a online presence using Youtube to showcase my entire talent range to direct Traffic back to the main ClickNPicit Webpage so we can earn a living...HA!

Step Four- Balance all of the platforms/ Build and produce new content and breath life into the Machine.

I am currently on Step Three...... I will focus hard for a solid year building as much content as possible ...then....start the balancing act.

So please check out my Youtube Channel - Vern Dahnke (copy Paste link)

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